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Create and edit your tickets on the Ticket (2.) tab. An event must have at least one ticket because the registration forms are ticket specific. There can be multible ticket types for the event. Tickets can have quantity, availability, discount codes, waiting list etc.

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1 Allow editing the registration information by the registrant. For example change of name etc. Notice that cancellation is possible only for free events.
2 Maximum attendees for event- limit the total participant number of the event. This limits the event in case you have several tickets that combined have more seats than your event. If your ticket has a waiting list on, the size of the waitinglist is the event max limit - the max number of tickets. 

Direct links-opens a view with useful links

  • Direct registration link: This link opens the form of the first ticket type available in case you do not wish to use the event landing page but only the registration form
  • Personalized direct registration link: Same as above but it fills the form automatically with firstname, lastname, email if you have used Postiviidakko / LianaMailer to send the invitation email and you had these saved in your sending list.
  • Personalized link to decline event invitation: Same as above but to the decline the invitation form

Other settings

  • Show remaining ticket amount on the event page -shows the availlability of tickets, etc: Gala dinner ticket 5/30.
  • Offer printable tickets on the summary page- adds a ticket.pdf button to the confirmation page where attendee can open a view with ticket including a QR code.  
  • Offer printable badges on the summary page – Same but offers a printable badge. This means that you want each of your attendeeds to print their own badges. Notice that everyone has different printers etc. so the badges might look different from each others.
  • Show "I am unable to attend" button- The attendee can decline the invitation (so you do not have to send remind to register emails) and give their feedback. 

  • Allow attendee re-registration – Allows people to register the second,.. time(s) or buy tickets many times using same name and email. 
  • Firstname, lastname and email are compulsory fields. For some accounts Eventilla admin can allow the compulsory of email field be removed. Ask from us.
  • Register nonparticipant registrant– You will be able to ask contact information of a contact person who is not self participating to the event but manages a group. This is an extra feature ask from us.
5 Crate a New Ticket. You can also copy a premade ticket and use that as a template. After creating / copying a ticket you will see the following view:


Create and edit a ticket

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1 Give the ticket a name. This is the only compulsory field. You can also give instructions or describe the ticket.
2 For paid tickets give the price including or not including tax. Eventilla calculates the missing price. Choose do you want the customers to see the price wiht or without the tax. You may also attach discount codes to the ticket. Read more here.

You may set the visibility of this ticket here. Thease are not compulsory. Use these for example for early bird tickets.


If you have set limited availablity for the ticket you may activate the waitinglist. When the event is full the guests will see note: "No tickets available but you may register to the waiting list" . You can then browse the waiting list in reports and invite chosen guests. Read more here.


In group registrations (you offer more than one ticket per customer), by default on the form the information is asked only for one people (you are buying x amount of tickets to yourself). In reports these tickets are identified as: Buyers name, Buyers name (2), Buyers name (3) etc.  
You may also force the buyer to fill in the form for each person separatly. 

6 You can enable avec registration for the ticket. You can read more about avec registration here.
7 You may limit or allow payment methods per ticket here.
8 Registration form is technically tied to the ticket. You may create a new form, use per-existing one or copy one. Fistname, Lastname and Email are compulsory fields as these are used to technically identify an attendee by the system. You may edit the form to your liking and ask relevant information.

From Ticket spesific links -section you can get direct links to event page which only has this one ticket or to this tickets registration form.

You can hide this ticket from event page by clicking "hide ticket" -box. Ticket spesific links will work even if you have hidden ticket.


Clicking "Show tickets confirmation messages" allows you to enable and edit the confirmation message for that ticket. If no ticket-specific confirmation messages are set for the ticket, the event confirmation message can be found in section 3. Communications.


Clicking "Show tickets confirmation messages" allows you to enable and edit the confirmation message for that ticket. If no ticket-specific confirmation messages are set for the ticket, the event confirmation message can be found in section 3. Communications.

Create and edit form

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1 The form is divided to two colums. When using a mobile device the form is showed in single column.

You can add new fields to each columns 

3 Choose desired field type. You the approriate field type, for example the mobile phone number to collect phone numbers so that the information can be easily used later on by the system. More tips here.
4 For multilingual evens remember to translate all the fields in selected languages. Languages are in tabs.
5 You may change the order of the fields. Only the place of Firstname, Lastname and email fields can not be changed.
6 Save and close- will get you back to the edit ticket view


After editing remember to click Save at the bottom.

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