Discount Coupons

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Create, edit and remove discount coupons to your organization. You will find them uder the general menu "Settings"

Creating discount codes

Click "Create a new coupon" and following view opens.

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1 Give the coupon a name. Uppercase numbers and letter only. Following signs are supported: A-Z 0-9 and ËÏÖÜÅÄ
2 Discount can be denominated (a fixed amount in set currency) or percentual. Enter the desired amount. Denominated discounts are deducted from the tax included price. 
3 Limit the amount how many times the coupon code can be used.
4 You may set active from and expiry date and time. 
5 Choose desired organization. The coupon can be used only in those organizations that you choose here.
6 Remember to save

All used coupons can be seen at the reports. You can track who has used and which coupon. One good way to invite VIP:s is to give them 100% discount. You can then track them in the reports.

Import a new coupon list

Click "Import a new coupon list" and following view opens.

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1 Name your list.
2 Choose the organization discount codes in the list will be used.
3 Choose file from your computer.



The spreadsheet file must be in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx, .xls) format. The first row on the spreadsheet is a header row which ignored in parsing. The data must be in the following order: Code (A), Number of coupons (B), expiration date (C) and Discount (D). Code and discount are mandatory information. Example row: TESTCODE (A), 100 (B), 2020-10-05 (C), 5% (D).

Adding the discount coupon to a ticket


Discount code must be activated to a ticket. Add the precreated coupon to the ticket in the ticket editing view. You can add multiple coupons to the same ticket.

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