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All the registrations which are made on the waitinglist will be shown on the Waitlist -page, if you have activated waitlist for the ticket, set a specific maximum number for the ticket and the maximum number of tickets have been sold. The size of the waitlist is the total maximum amount of registrations in the event minus the total amount of tickets. If the total maximum of your event is 150 people, but you have set the maximum amount for the ticket to be 100, then there is room for 50 fastest people at the waitlist.


The waitlist can be managed automatically or the list can be set to be managed manually.

  • Choose automatic when you want to information on vacant places to the event be sent automatically to first person on waitlist.
  • Choose manual when you want that information on vacan places to the event be sent after the choices you make.

Tickets are redeemable for: Choose how long it is possible to redeem tickets. Tickets that are not redeemed by the deadline will be released for sale or for next in line and the personal link will close.


After sending the invitation, the person on the waitlist will get an email, which includes the message written by you and a link, which he or she can use to access the form. If the person from the waitlist still wants to register for the event, he or she will only have to press Confirm-button. In case of paid event the attendee will be directed to the payment stage. Attention! At this stage everyone who has got the message has an opportunity to register to the event regardless of the maximum number of the tickets available.


You can release a waitlist from this button. 

5 If release of the of tickets is to manual, you can select from the dropdown menu whether the waitlisted will be notified of the availability of tickets, whether the entry will be transferred directly to the confirmed list or removed from the queue.

Eventilla checks the waiting list every 15 minutes and then sends the appropriate emails

Additional tips

  • You cannot send a message from the waiting list that tickets are available if the event has already started or the ticket has expired.

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