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Form editor opens up when a ticket or a survey is being created for the event. Basic principle is the same in both of them. This guide will first go through how to use the form editor in the tickets view and then the special features of the survey form.

The use of Form editor in tickets view and in surveys



The form is divided into two columns, Personal information and Additional information. First name, last name and email fields are mandatory fields and they are always asked in the the registration process.


You can add a new field to both columns of the form by clicking theAdd field-button below the column where you want to add the field to. There are different kind of fields to choose from. In every field types you can choose if the field is mandatory (this is by default) or optional. You can also keep the field as hidden until the field of your choice has been filled. Create a new field by giving it a title, you can also add a description for the field.


From the Communications tab you can choose if the social media information (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) are asked automatically in the registration form. When you choose Yes, the form will automatically ask social media information on the form. From theOther options-tab you can choose which social media information of the attendee are shown if attendee has provided them on the form, the attendee list is published on the event page and the attendee has accepted his or her information to be shown on the list.


Remember to check all the language versions

5 You may change the order of the fields. TheFirstname, Lastname and E-mailfields can not be changed
6 Remember to save



The features of different types of fields


Using Text and Text area fields you can collect open answers. Use the Textfield when you want an open answer which is limited to one row by lenght. Choose the Text areafield when you want to allow answers with more than one line.


Check box, radio button and drop-downmenu are fields where the attendee chooses the answer from predetermined answer options. By adding an asterisk (*) after a certain choice, the choice will be selected by default on the form.

  • Check boxis a field type where the respondent can choose one ore more answer, or can leave the field completely empty (if the field is not mandatory)
  • Radio buttonis a field with certain options, use this field when you want to offer the respondent only one option to answer
  • Drop-downmenu is a field where you can add longer list of options. Create a drop-down menu by giving it a title. You can also add a description below the title if you like. Type the different answer options to separate lines in the Choices field.

Using the Help text-field you can add instructions to the form


Premium or limited. You can create fields with additional charges or otherwise specified/limited sections to your events. Like "Buy also the book +30$, or reserve this timeslot"


Mobile phone number-field is a special field which makes it easy to collect mobile phone numbers. The title will be Mobile phone numberby default and the description of the field gives automatically instructions on how to input the mobile phone number in the correct format. The respondent will get a drop-down menu where he or she can choose the correct country code and after that a field for the mobile phone number itself.


File uploadis a field where the attendee may upload a file when registering to the event. Excel files can't be uploaded. Supported file formats are PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDF. Maximum upload file size is 10MB.


Title field adds a drop-down menu to the top of the form, where registrants can choose a title that describes them best. Default list is: Mr, Ms, Mss, Dr and Prof. You can edit this list.


Changing the order of the fields in the form. You can edit the order of the fields in both columns by clicking the Change order -button.

After clicking the button, the fields are collapsed into title-texts and you can now change the order of the fields by clicking and holding the left button on a desired field and then dragging the field to the correct place. When you are finished editng the order click Save order.

Please not that always mandatory first name, last name and email fields are locked in place and you cannot change the order of these fields on the form.


At the end save the information of the form by clicking the Save and close -button.


Mailing list subscribe

A check box will appear to the form and by choosing yes the participant authorizes marketing communications such as newsletters. Currently, we support "Other": the participant's information is saved only to registrants information. Based on this, you can export the participant information to your newsletter system, either manually or automated via the integration, if such integration is set up.

If you have LianaMailer, you can place subscriptions directly on the desired mailing list. In order for the subscribtion to be forwarded, provide the subscribtion / cancellation page address and the desired List ID to Eventilla Support. Default list will be displayed when adding new field. Please note that the selected list must be publicly available. If you have multiple subscribtion lists, you can change this list in Eventilla by typing in the desired list id to field.

Group 155.png

1 You can change the title displayed and add a description to the field.

LianaMailer List ID is displayed in LianaMailer management. Select the desired list from the "Lists" tab and select the list details. The list ID is a number sequence

  Remember to save


Subscribtion field will not appear in the confirmation message or in the attendee information modification. Eventilla doesn't handle unsubscribtions. Unsubscribtions should be done in target system. The easiest way to do this is with newsletter delivered with a "unsubscribe" button.

Using conditional fields on the form

You can also create hidden fields, in other words conditional fields, which will only be visible when information is entered in the desired field or a certain option has been chosen from other fields.


Mandatory field. Answering Yes opens a more specific field about special diet.


More specified field, which is shown only to those who have responded Yes to the field "I have a special diet".


If you want to create more specific fields for those who have responded to a certain field in a certain way, mark the check box as checked next to "Field is hidden, until". The drop-down menu of all possible fields and available options which can be used as condition become are now usable. When you have chose the desired question, you can then choose the desired answer which is used to show the more specific question to the registrant.

Never set a conditional field to be mandatory. If a conditional field is set mandatory then Eventilla will determine the field mandatory also to those respondents who the field has not been shown due to their answers in other fields. This can prevent the person from registering to the event altogehter.

4 Save, close and remove a field.



Validation checks the field to verify that the information entered in the field matches the selected validation. The validations are: letters only, numbers only, personal ID and email.

Protected fields

Information given using protection type will hide the given input from the confirmation email as well disable using them in shared reports. Only users logged in to Eventilla can see the answers from the event reports.

Use of HTML tags

Use may use following HTML tags in the Help text field type <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <p> <b> <i> <strong> <ul> <li> <br> and <ol>. If HTML-tags are new to you and you need formatting to form text then you may contact our support.

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