Zoom Webinar deployment

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Deploying an integration consists of three different steps, all of which must be gone through carefully:

  •     Deployment of integration
  •     Creating Zoom Webinar in Eventilla
  •     Adding Webinar link to confirmation email

Deployment of integration

1. Create a Zoom account and purchase the Zoom webinar add-on
2. The next step is to create an OAuth application for Zoom. Eventilla's support team can create this on your behalf for that you need to provide a Zoom login credentials to tuki@eventilla.com. If you chose to do this you can skip the next step.

Creating an OAuth application yourself

See the following instructions: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/build/oauth-app

Start creating the application. Pictorial instructions below.

The Client ID & Client Secret keys shown in the figure should be submitted to Eventilla Support at tuki@eventilla.com. Place our URL in the Whitelist URL field shown in the image, which is: https://ssl.eventilla.com/organization/zoom_auth_callback


At this point the Client ID & Client Secret must be submitted to Eventilla Support at tuki@eventilla.com. Eventilla support puts the keys you provide to your organization in place and notify you when you can complete the installation.

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