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To activate this integration, go to and sign in.

Client & Tenant ID and Secret

1 After login click "App registrations"
2 Click "New registration" on top left corner.
3 Name the installation
4 Check the option "Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant)"
5 Choose Web on dropdown menu, and fill "" to the text field.

6 Press register.

You will be redirected to the page where client ID & tenant ID can be copied. You have to send these IDs to Eventilla support for the activation.


Client Secret also needs to be sent to Eventilla support. You can get this by clicking "Certificates & secrets" on the sidebar.


On the page click "New client secret". Description can be set as anything. e.g. "Secret". After description is set click "Add"


After clicking add-button you can copy the key from "Value"-column. This is also needed to sent to Eventilla support.

API authentication

In authentication you can choose between two token options. Eventilla supports both of these authentication options. You have to choose other of these.

User token - has only access to logged in user data.

App token - access is granted to all users' data.

Adding API permissions:

1 Click "API permissions" on sidebar.

Click "Add a permission". In the view choose "Microsoft Graph" - "Application permissions"


With search tool you can search for permissions. Based on which authentication option is chosen chose on of below:

User token: Calendars.Read, Calendars.ReadWrite, User.Read

App token: Calendar.Read, Calendar.ReadWrite, Directory.Read.All, Directory.ReadWrite.All, User.Read.All, User.ReadWrite.All


Check search result options and press "Add"

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