Importing events from a file

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Importing events from a file

You can import events into Eventilla from files. This is useful when a large number of events needs to be imported with specified data. Feature can be found in "Organization" tab - "Import events from a file".

If you dont have a list of attendees uncheck option "Import attendees from file".

Click the Select button to upload an Excel file from your computer. When the file is uploaded press Continue.

In this example we are use this Excel table:

After pressing Continue you need to do column targetting. On the left you can see columns to be targeted. On the right you see references from the Excel file.

Mandatory data for events is event name and starting date. (Marked with *)

If you want to use a template for importing, you need to create a template event to Eventilla. From event's editing page you can copy the event ID (5 characters), which is pasted to a column in the Excel table.

By default events are imported in Finland´s time zone (GMT+2). If you would like to change this, you have to set a time zone in excel column in Territory/City format (e.g. Europe/London). List of time zones can be found here.

Preview button lists events to be imported. You can search events in search field.

After pressing green "Import" button please do not leave the view before imported events are listed as seen below.

Importing attendees with event

While importing attendees with the event, the event data is needs to be filled for every attendee. In the following example 1 event is imported with 3 attendees.

The preview looks like this:

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