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The event page tabs allow you to divide the event content into your own tabs. For example, you can enter event information, speaker information, and event schedule on your own tabs.

The feature is enabled in our latest layout theme by default. This feature is automatically enabled for all of our customers who use the latest layout template that supports the accessibility directive. If the tabs do not appear in your account, your layout needs to be updated. In this case, please contact sales@eventilla.com and we will take care of accessibility issues at the same time.

 You can view the demo from this link.


1. Press "+" button, it will create a new tab for the event.

Enter a title for the tab. The title will appear on the event page for the registrant.

3. Enter the desired content on the tab.
4. Be sure to include content in other languages on the tab if the event uses more than one language.

Save your changes to save the content and display the tabs on the event page.


Things to consider

If a tab is given a really long title, or there are really many of them in one event, it can cause problems in the tab menu on the event page.

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