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Event calendar is a new feature in Eventilla. To activate it please contact Eventilla sales team.

Create new calendar

Calendar can be created in "Organizations - Settings - Event calendar V2 - Create a new calendar"

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1 Name the calendar. Alias is added in the end of calendar URL. Internal name is shown only to users inside your company.

You can define how date and time are shown in the calendar. Link next to field leads to unicode tokens introduction site. Example date is updated below the field whenever the field is edited.


Header image defines the image in calendar's topbar. By double clicking you can add images uploaded to Eventilla, or upload images from your computer.


You can filter events shown in the calendar by city. You can separate filtered cities with a comma.


You can filter events shown in the calendar by tag. You can separate filtered cities with a comma. Calendar shows all events which have at least one of the set tags.


"Filter event by name" shows events in the calendar which only contain entered info. (e.g. Webinar) This is useful when calendar is taken in use after event creation when events don't have common tag or city.

7 You can sort a list of events by name or date by either ascending or descending order.

You can define how old events are shown in the calendar.


When this option is enabled, "Register" -button in calendar leads to the form page of the first available ticket. If the option is not checked, button leads to the registration page.

Layout settings

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Calendar has three views. List, grid and calendar view. You can define which views are available and which view is shown by default.


"Fixed list of locations" adds entered cities in calendar's filter list.

"Select locations" preselects entered cities in filter list.

"Ignore locations" hides events from filterin list by entered cities.


"Fixed list of tags" adds entered tags in calendar's filter list.

"Select tags" preselects entered tags in filter list.

"Ignore tags" hides events from filtering list by entered tags.


You can enable event fields and filters to be visible for every view. (List, Grid, Calendar) Different views have different set of available event fields.


You can choose calendar's languages.


You can set a tiltle and description in Finnish, English and Swedish. These are shown in calendar page regardless of the view.

You can set a html-title which is printed in browser tab.


Embedding calendar to external website

Calendar can be embedded to external website by using JavaScript. You can request this code from Eventilla support. (support@eventilla.com)

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