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Presence Information can be collected via a tracking link. Clicking on the link will register the attendee as present and you can then view from the event report who attended the event. The link registers the attendee as present one hour before the event and ends at the end of the event.

Creating a tracking link

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1 Add a link to the message as usual via the button.
2 Add a link to the URL line. For example,
3 Select the "Add tracking" and save the link. The tracking variable appears at the beginning of the address.
4 The link is now complete.
5 You can view presence information on the Check-in tab of event reports.

You cannot create tracking link to invitations. It should also be noted that the link does not work in the preview message.

Things to be considered


If your organization has webinar integration enabled, then link tracking is not required to track attendances. In this case, the login and logout information is retrieved from the webinar system to Eventilla using the “Get check-ins from Zoom” function on the Check-in tab.

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