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Eventilla-Event feed to your company's website

Eventilla offers several different ways to create an event listing or calendar view for an organization’s own website. A good method is to retrieve the event data in the background directly to the site’s hosting system and create an event listing or calendar view from there. This way, a possible application programming interface search to the Eventilla side will not affect the loading time of the page and thus impair the search engine visibility of the site. The event feeds can be found behind the Organization link under '' Feeds ''.

XML Feed

Real-time Event Feed is available for events in XML format. Feeds can be filtered directly using URL parameters based on the tags set for the events. Reading the input does not require separate application programming interface IDs or programming. Only the parseing of XML fields into the site maintenance system is required. Some of the maintenance systems are able to read XML data by default.

All events


Filtered by tag 'public'

HTML table

With this feed, you can create simple and light tables of your events for your website. You can select the columns that appear in the table and also filter events by their tags.


With this feed, you can embed an event page on your own website so that a potential participant can view the event page already on your website. You can choose what information is imported into the Iframe.


Previewing feeds

You can preview each feed in advance by clicking the arrow icon next to the feed. This will open the feed without any style files.

Eventilla application programming interface (API)

You can also fetch event data trough Eventilla REST API. API will return event data as JSON format.

More information on data provided by API can be found here https://developers.eventilla.com/v2. To use the API, the organization needs API credentials (Eventilla provides these on request). There are also example searches in the PHP scripting interface for the interface, which allows you to quickly process the actual transaction data and create views on the site maintenance system side.

WordPress plugin

Eventilla also provides a ready-made plug-in for WordPress, which allows event information to be retrieved directly to WordPress's own database. The shortcode can be used to display event listings directly, but by using your own page template, you can search for events with WordPress's own functions.

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