File manager

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File manager

File management allows you to upload files that can be used, for example, in an event header, event pages or messaging. Size limit per file is 10Mb.



You can choose whether to download the file to your personal folder or to the organization folder. Other users can access files in an organization folder.


You can create folders here. You can also drag folders and files directly to the user interface.


Uploading files to the file manager and dowloading from management to the computer is done with the arrow icons.


You can copy, cut, rename, delete files and folders. The file or folder must be selected to activate these options.

5 Previewing files is done by a preview icon. The view can be changed to a list and icon view from the List view icon. The Arrange button allows you to arrange the files and objects. Info button gives you a closer look at the selected item information.

Accepted file formats in Eventilla:
You can download following type of files to Eventilla

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