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Eventilla has multiple built in features to help you to cope with GDPR. 

Privacy policy

Show easily your privacy policy to participants. You only need to upload your policy onece and then per event decide to show it or not. Read more here.

Seaching personal records 

If you get a request to see and extract personal data the search is easily done using the Search function. Search using the email address or persons name and download the result in desired format. You can edit the deliverables by opening the downloaded file. Remember to check the settings and criteria of the search as the default might not give you all the results.


You can not permanently delete personal data as this would mess up uyour statistics and reports. You can be GDPR complaiant by anonymizing the personal data. So you will see that in this and that event there were so and so many people but you just can not identify them after the anonymization. Anonymization is permanet functionality and can not be undone. Anonymization will remove personal data. Anonymization is enabled for free events. 
You can anonymize data in three ways

1. As mass function in event report

1 Open the desired report
2 Choose "Mass actions"
3 Choose all by selecting the tick box on the heading line, or choose individual people
4 Choose "Anonymize selected attendees" and click "Accept". The function is permanent after this.


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2. Anonymitize single registations from the search

After making a search in the main search you can click the person name and then"Modify attedee information"this gives you the option to anonymitize this single registration. 

3. One or several events as whole

1 Choose Organizations from the main menu
2 Choose the organization
3 Choose Anonymization
4 Select desired event / events
5 Click"Anonymitize attendee's information". Notice that if you have selected great number of events containing a lot of data it may take minutes for the anonymitazion to complete. You may continue to use the system as this is done in the backgroung. The event list is kept in view as there might come new registrations or added participants to the events. You can anonymize the events again and again.



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