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Eventilla is its own company, but very works closely with awarded Liana Technologies, with whom our technology has been built.
Every event needs marketing. With any other system it is not as convenient and professional as with Eventilla. Together with Liana Technologies we offer the best tools in the market for event marketing.

Integration with LianaCMS

It is possible to integrate Eventilla to LianaCMS content management system. The integratio enables for instance following:

  • Centralized authentication enables the user to jump from one tool to anohter without a separate log-in
  • The events created in Eventilla can automatically be listed on the website. It is possible to filter these using tags.
  • The LianaCMS can create events to Eventilla, this way the layout will be managed in LianaCMS, but you get to use features from Eventilla. The attendee doesn't have to leave the site created by LianaCMS to register to the event.
  • The attendees of an event can be directly added as users to LianaCMS. This feature is particularly useful, for example when you want to show particular material about the event on the website for the attendees.
  • Integrations with LianaCMS require always tailoring and they may incur costs. Please be in contact with either sales of Eventilla or Liana Technologies to learn more.

Integration with LianaMailer

Send messages and invitations for the event directly from the user interface. Eventilla integrates seamlessly to the leading LianaMailer e-mail marketing tool. You can send visually impressive and responsive invitations which are in line with your corporate image and brand with a click of a button. The images are shown directly in the message without need to click 'open images'. You can also reach the attendees in the middle of the event both by e-mail and sms if necessary.

  • Centralized authentication enables the user to switch betwee tools without a separate log-in
  • It is possible to send invitations for the events created in Eventilla using LianaMailer. The system knows who has already registered or who has already replied that he or she is unable to attend. This way they can be filtered out from a second invitation send as a reminder.
  • The information about attendees of the event is brought to the LianaMailer, this makes it easy to send messages to those who have registered to the event without a need to manually transfer data between two systems.
  • Ask more from the sales of Eventilla or Liana Technologies

Integration with LianaCEM

Enrich your customer database with information gathered via event registrations. LianaCEM is aware of all event registrations, cancellations, event declines and event check-in. This enables you to build intelligent segments and take your marketing messages to a new level.

LianaMailer subscribe mailing list feature

If you are using LianaMailer you can set "mailing list subscribe" field to Eventilla registration form. For this to be possible you need to send your order / cancellation page address of your LianaMailer account and the list ID of the desired list. The default list ID automatically is given to the field when the field is created. Please note that the selected list must be publicly available. If you have several lists, you can change this list in Eventilla by entering the desired list ID for the field.

Read more of adding mailing list subscribe to your form from here.


Export first name and last name to LianaMailer

The first and last name of the registrant can also be exported to LianaMailer. To send a first name and last name to the LianaMailer list, you must create the firstname and lastname fields in LianaMailer. The fields can be found in LianaMailer on the "Settings" tab under "Subscriber Information". After this, Eventilla support must be notified of the creation of the fields, so that the fields will also be used in Eventilla.

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