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Content editor

The content editor is WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) that might be familiar to you from other web applications. 

mceclip0.png Undo and redo

mceclip1.png Bold, italic, underline and strikethrough

mceclip2.png Formats (These are preset for the template)

mceclip4.pngAlign left and right

mceclip5.png Align and Justify

mceclip6.png Ordered and bullet lists

Add a table

mceclip7.png Add table. Start by moving the cursor to the intended starting point (top) of the table. 

Add a link

mceclip8.png Add and insert a link. Select piece of text or an image and click the "insert link button" Add the link. Tip: copy paste the link from the browser url line so you are less likely to have a typo.

Add a file

Clicking on the plus icon will open Image and Media. Image selection opens the Add / Edit Image view. Click the folder icon (1) next to the source to open File manager.


From the media icon you can add videos to the event page for example from youtube.

Use add / insert a link to add a PDF file to the event page.


1 If PDF is available from the Internet, you can add a direct address to the Url field or open the file manager from folder icon. To manage files, you can download pdf and double click to choose pdf. More instructions on how to use File Manager here.
2 Text to display section allows you to type the text you want to use, which acts as a link.
3 The title text is displayed when the mouse is placed over the link.
4 u can choose whether to open a new tab or open the pdf to the same tab.

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