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In Eventilla registrations are not permanently deleter in order to maintain the integrity of statistics and reports. Instead, personal information can be permanently anonymized. In this process, all desired information about the individual is permanently anonymized. Anonymization is irreversible and cannot be undone. Anonymization is allowed only for free events to ensure compliance with payment record / recipe and possible taxation obligations.


Select an organization (if your credentials are associated with multiple organizations).

2 Scheduling: Choose whether you want to schedule anonymization. Anonymization can be set to occur at a specific moment. It can be scheduled to repeat monthly on a certain day or annually at a specific time.

Anonymize concluded events: Choose how old events can be anonymized. Alternatively, you can select individual events from the list.


Retain fields: Choose what information you want to keep at the organization level for events.


Tags: If your organization has a set tag for retaining specific information, the tag should be added to this field. The tag should be entered in the same format as it is used in your events. We recommend double-checking the spelling of the tag at this stage when setting it.

6 Save anonymization

Specific event data can be anonymized on a per-event basis for more detailed anonymization. Instructions for event-specific anonymization can be found here.



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