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Eventilla WordPress plugin

We have implemented a plugin into WordPress, which automaticaly fetches event data to show on a WordPress site. Eventilla events are used to create posts into Eventilla events -category in WordPress, which can be utilized in variety of listings and event views.

Plugin can be found in WordPress plugin library or in WordPress plugin repository https://wordpress.org/plugins/eventilla-events/. To activate the plugin you will need API credentials. If you need API credentials please contact your Eventilla account manager.

Eventilla WordPress plugin installation and activation

1. Click Plugins from sidebar. All installations and active plugins can be seen in plugins tab.

2. New plugins can be installed in Add New section. Search for Eventilla and install plugin by clicking Install Now.

3. After installation, the plugin needs to be activated. Click Installed Plugins. In the view click "Activate" under Eventilla Events plugin.

4. Go to Settings section and click "Eventilla Settings". In view you have to enter API-key and Account ID. These are delivered to you after contacting your Eventilla account manager.

5. In the settings, you can turn on event filtering based on specific tags. For example, if you want only events with the tag "Public" to be transferred from your Eventilla, set that tag as the filtering criteria for "Allowed tags".

6. Plugin creates new Eventilla Events section to the side bar.

7. If you edit event information in Eventilla, for example, the event description and the edited information is not automatically updated in WordPress, you can perform an event-specific update by pressing the "Update from Eventilla" button. The button can be found in the editing of an individual Eventilla article.

If you have any questions about the plugin, you can contact our support team at support@eventilla.com

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