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Attendee's information
Attendee's first name*
Attendee's last name*
Attendee's email address*
Link to event page
Event name*
Event starting date*
Event starting time*
Event end date*
Event end time*
Event venue*
Event venue address*
Google Maps
Ticket name*
Ticket description
Ticket code*
QR code
Total price
Link to ticket
Attendee information modification link
Link to attendance summary page
Link to name badge
Link to pdf badge
Pdf badge as attachment
Link to receipt
Link to finish registration
Customized return link
Calendar link (Outlook)
Calendar link (Google)
Attendee's file
A link to a shared report. Replace the "TAGNAME" text in the variable name with the tag name.
Datafield value. Replace the "DATAFIELDKEY" text in the variable name with the datafield key.
*1 can also be used in the subject
Please note that all variables does not work in the preview message.

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