Social media sharing

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Social media sharing

You can add share  to your social media buttons and edit the information / pictures to be displayed on share in the tab 4. Other settings. The social media providers store the information displayed to cache when they are first shared, so changes to this information may not appear as soon as they are saved. Caches are updated periodically depending on the service. The following is a list of ways you can set changes made to the sharing settings appear immediately.

Facebook has a tool to view sharing. You can find it at URL of your eventpage can be added to input field. Press Debug button and you will get example and summary what will be displayed when link is shared. On the page you will find Scrape Again button. By pressing the button Facebook will retrieve information about the event again and sharing will be displayed with these new images and texts.

Twitter also has a developer tool. Set the URL of the page you are sharing on the site and click on Preview card. The tool retrieves information from the site and displays a preview of how the content to be shared appears. You can find the tool at

Linkedins tool also works on the same principle: URL is assigned the site and when the Inspect button is pressed Linkedin will show to preview of the item to be shared and list the information. You can find the tool at:

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