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Examples of event pages

Collect RSPV / registrations with the event page. You do not need a content management systems (CMS), server space or IT-department since Eventilla works from the cloud. With Eventilla you can develop your event page to look like your brand or use a easily editable responsive template. Here's examples of examination of a free and paid event pages.

Example of a free event

1 Event title. It is inserted here.
2 Event description is added using the editor. You can also add pictures and links (none added in this example).  Read more here.
3 Event start and end time is shown here. They are also updated to the calendar files. Insert the times here.
4 Address to the event. Map is automatically updated. Clicking the map opens Google Maps that provides also directions to the event site.
5 Add the organizer contact details. No contact details result in missed out opportunities, higher no show and poor service. We recommend to add a contact detail that can be reached also during the event.
6 Register, the ticket type for this event. In this event there wan only one ticket type and maximum amount of ticket that one person could reserve was one, so no alternatives. 
7 The look and feel of the page is designed in co-operation with Eventilla and you to suit your events and your brand. In this example the background image is designed to be easily replaced by the client from event to event.

Example of a paid event

1 Name of the event.
2 Description of the event. You can also include pictures and links. (None added in this example).
3 The available tickets. 
4 Event header picture that is changeable by the user from event to event.

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