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Using the search tool you can search for registrants of events with different search terms and criteria.

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1 At first set the search term by wich you can search for individual registrant. For instance, last name.
2 Search criteria can be set using date and event. You can also search registrants from events of a particular organization if you have more than one organization in use.
3 Choose visible columns. You can choose desired information to be shown from the basic information, for instance first name, last name and ticket. You can also choose to show other information that you have collected using the registration form of the event.
4 From the settings you can choose to use option: Check in and print badge simultaneously.
5 The search results section will show you the search results. You can open information of an individual registrant by clicking the line of the registrant. You can add and edit information of the registrant and check in and print badge using the buttons in this section. Pressing the red Close button you can close editing of an individual registrant and return to the listing of registrants.

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