Localization / Translations

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This feature is user level dependant. Please contact our support in case you need access. You will find the localization inside the Settings.

In this view you can change the texts that are available for the attendee. For example you can change the text "Ticket" to "Participation choice"or edit the translation of a language. 

Just clict the word or sentence you wish to edit and re-write what you want it to say. The new text is automatically saved and updated. You will detect changed terms as they are bolded. You can restore the system default by clicking the trash can.

You can find the right term easily using the browser search function ctrl+f buttons (cmd+f if you're mac user).

In this view you can see all the languages your account has been installed with. In case you need additional languages or wish to translate also the admin view to another language, please contact our support.

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