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Survey and registration forms

From this view you can browse through different forms which you have created. You can also choose forms to be used again as templates. From here you can find more information on how to use the form editor.

You can also copy and edit forms in this view. Please note that you can not edit templates of forms from other users. You can however make a copy of a template for your own use.



Group registration forms, forms that you have used to collect registrations of groups.


Registration forms which you have used. Please note that by naming your forms logically, you can ease the use in the future.


When you tap here, you can make the form to be used as a template. The same setting is possible for registration forms, survey forms and group registration forms.


From here you can see if the template is in use in your events. Please not that you cannot remove a template if it is in use in any of your events.

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