Event communication for event participants

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1 Choose the right organization.
2 I'm sending message: To event registrants. After this you can choose whether you want to schedule the sending. If you do not schedule your sending, the message will be sent as soon as you press the Send button.
3 Select the event you want to send a message to.
4 Message template: you can use templates that you have already saved, or alternatively, write a new message. In this case, select New message. You can also save the message you created as a template at a later stage..

Enter the sender's name and email address. If your organization has its own domain is use, you can only use the address of the specified style for sending. For example, if the specified domain is @eventilla.com, you can only use an address that ends with @eventilla.com

6 Give subject for the message. The subject is visible to the recipient of the message, so pay attention to this.

Write the message, if you do not use a ready-made message template. You can also edit an already saved template. We recommend using the ready-made variables in the message. You can find the variables explained below a text editor. Instructions for using the text editor can be foundhere.

8 Here you can set header picture for the message.

Select message recipients. You can filter the recipients of a message by status. For example, to send a personalized message to those who declined an event invitation, select Rejected as the status. The number in parentheses after the status title shows how many people with this status are in the event.


Select recipients: Recipients can be filtered based on form selections. Selecting + Add will open the questions on the event registration form. With this function you can target the communication of the event!

11 By selecting "List recipients" you are able to see how many people and who is going to receive the message.

Send a preview message. Once you have submitted the preview, the Send button will be activated. (Please note that if variables have been used in the message, such as $FIRSTNAME$, the variable will be displayed in its entirety in the preview message. This is because Eventilla retrieves information about those who registered for the event and in the preview message there is no such information.


Save: You can save the message as a template so you are able to use it in the future.

14 When you are ready send the message.

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