Scheduling emails and SMS messages

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You can choose whether young want to schedule message sendings:

•    At a specific moment
•    Before the event begins
•    After the event has started

For example, messages can be scheduled to be send half an hour before the event begins. If you don't do any scheduling the message will be sent as soon as you press the "Send" button.

Event communication automation

If you want to automate your communication into events, Create a template event. After creating the template event you need to generate some scheduled communication before the event starts, after the event, or both.You can then take advantage of the created communication by copying this template event when creating new event. When you are making a copy, you need to remember to select the "Copy scheduled messages" to the copy. More information about copying the event can be found here.


View and cancel scheduled messages

You can see the scheduled e-mails and SMS-messages listed at their own pages.

”E-mail messaging” -> ”Scheduled”.


In this view, you can also cancel scheduled sendings. You can open the message you want to and cancel it by pressing "Cancel sending".

Message history

To view the message history, open the “Report” section. From the list, you can see how many received the message and when the message was sended. You can open a specific submission and download an Excel file from it to your computer. Inspecting at that downloaded file, you can find out the reasons why a participant did not receive the message. All exceptions can be found at the bottom of the file.

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