Sending invitations using Eventilla

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Sending invitations using Eventilla

The feature might not be included to all accounts as it requires a customer specific template and settings. If you do not have the feature but are interested please contact your sales representative. 

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1 Click Messaging from the top bar
2 Choose the organization (if you have multiple) 
3 Choose is the message intended for people that you wish to invite or to people who have already registered.
4 You may schedule the message

Choose the relevant event

6 If you have saved a prior message as a template you can choose it here as a base draft

Identify the sender (notice that if you are using sender authentication like DKIM then the domain is forced)

8 Insert the content. You may add registration button by pressing + icon. This will add a registration button to the event that you selected in phase 5
9 You may use these variables in the message. All variables are not shown in preview message.
10 Add a header picture to your email. The picture format must be jpeg, png or gif. The picture is attached to template at 480 or 640 pixels wide depending on your organization theme.
11 Import recipients from excel. The spreadsheet file must be in  Microsoft Excel (.xlsx, .xls) format. The first row on the spreadsheet is a header row which helps with field alignment once the file has been uploaded. The spreadsheet must have separate columns for the attendee's first and last names.
12 If you wish to choose recipients from a certain event(s) then choose organizatin, event and appropriate statuses. You can remove registered attendees (if you are sending reminders this will filter away those who have registered)
13 Lists/hides recipients of in this sending
14 Recipient count.
15 You must send a preview before the sending is activated. You may send it multiple times. Note, that all variables are not shown in preview message.
16 Save the message as a template for a future use. Use a name that you (and colleagues) can detect.
17 Send
18 See report of sent sendings
19 See scheduled sendings

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