Sending text messages

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Send SMS-messages to the registered attendees 
SMS-messages cost 0,10€/sms +VAT. You can see your spend from the counter.



Choose Messaging from the main menu
2 Choose Text messaging
3 Choose desired organization (if you have many)
4 You see your organization spenditure here
5 Create a new message or see report / scheduled sendings

You can send longer sms messages than 160 characters but then you will be charged two or more messages. Notice that the character type you use might also influence the technical lenght of the sms.
Notice that some local operators do not show the sender name or number you input for sms, but display their own number.
Choose your desired event and target segment(s). After the mandatory preview you may send your sms.


1 Create a new message.
2 Choose organization (if you have multiple)

You may schedule your sending. If you later on copy an event that had scheduled sendings related to it you get an option to copy also the scheduled sendings. Same for emails

4 Choose appropriate event.
5 Choose a template as a draft (if you have saved an prior message as a template)
6 Insert sender name / number.
7 Insert your message. 
8 Length of the message. You can also see how many characters you have left.
9 You may use these variables. Notice that the variables are actually longer in the actual sms. The message length counter will count the lenght based on the projected actual lenght. Typical usage cases for the variables are:
Open your ticket with QR-code here: $TICKETLINK$ and
Edit your details or cancel your registration here: $MODIFICATIONLINK$
10 Choose the recipients (notice that Excel import of recipients is disabled with sms-messages)
11 Open the list of recipients.
12 Total message count. Please note, this is the current estimate of the amount and may differ from the final amount.
13 You must send a preview message before the actual sending.
14 Save as a template for future re-use (name so that you can remember which template is which)
15 Send the message.

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