Sending invitations with LianaMailer

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Sending invitations with LianaMailer

Sending messages to event participants in LianaMailer requires LianaMailer integration.
Please contact Eventilla Support if you would like to use LianaMailer to send messages to attendees.

We recommend that you share the invitation with the LianaMailer tool, which integrates directly to Eventilla. When you have access to LianaMailer and Eventilla, you can login both tools with the same login credentials.
Also in the lower left corner of the screen there is a menu of pages and tools, by clicking that you can conveniently switch to the desired tool.

When you select the LianaMailer tool, it takes you to the LianaMailer's home page. You can read more about the use of the LianaMailer on the LianaMailer's own support site.

If you are interested in hearing more about the use of the LianaMailer, you can contact Liana's sales directly.

Download persons to be invited as recipients. Read more about downloading the recipient list here.

Create an invitation letter, like any other newsletter, with the LianaMailer. Be sure to include a page address in the invitation. You can read more about desinging a newsletter here.

Eventilla user properties in the LianaMailer

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When you are sending a message in LianaMailer and you have Eventilla integration in use, you will see section titled "Eventilla" in the settings.


You can select the "This is an event invitation from the menu" the event you want.


The LianaMailer checks from Eventilla who on the recipient list have already registered for the event and no longer sends them an invitation.


Those invited to the event via the LianaMailer will also appear in the Eventilla Reports Invited -section.

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When you have LianaMailer and Eventilla in use, you can send messages to those who have registered for the event via LianaMailer.

2 Send Message - From the 3 Recipients tab, here you can manage the lists you have.
3 When using Eventilla, you can select the Eventilla tab here.
4 You can select recipients for your message from your own events. Select the events you want and proceed to send your message.

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