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You can find anonymization from event report

In order to maintain the integrity of statistics and reports, it is not possible to permanently delete registrations at Eventilla. Instead, personal information can be permanently anonymized. 
In this case all the desired information is permanently anonymized from the person's data. Anonymization is permanent and it cannot be restored. Anonymisation is only allowed for free events in order to maintain the obligation of documents.

An event-specific anonymization can be performed for the event. This is a really useful feature when organizing an event and you want to anonymize the participants information after event is over.

1 Go to the event report of the event. Then select Anonymize.
2 Press the Create New Anonymization button.
3 From the drop-down list, you can choose when you want the anonymization to take place. If you leave this field blank, anonymization will be performed at the moment you press the Save button.
4 Choose what information you want to anonymize.
5 Save anonymization.

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