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Creating and modifying reports

1 Begin by clicking Creat a new report. You will be shown a view where you can choose what information you want to include to be shown in the report.
2 From here you can access the report you have created. You can also remove the report you have created.

Information of the report and link

1 Write a name for the report, you can also tap the address of the event location and the date of the event to be shown below the header.
2 Fields, after this choose which fields you want to show on the report. You can also change the order of the columns of the report by clicking and dragging the desired information field with the left button of the mouse.
3 From the status section you can choose which registrations will be shown on the report. Those statuses will be pre-selected on the report which the system treats as participants by default.
4 Filter report by check-in status.
5 Filter report by tickets.
6 Filter report by discount codes.
7 The report can be filtered based on registration form data.
8 Select also expiration date for the report. After this date the report link will not be working anymore.
9 Click Save report at the end.
10 Once you have saved the report, the link to the report is shown. This is the link to the report, which you can share. The report will be automatically updated.

Sharing reports via email

You can now also share the report via email to multiple recipients.

1 Press the green pen icon to go to edit the report.

Add recipients. If there are many recipients, separate them with a comma. For example,,

3 You can edit the subject here.
4 By default, the message uses the text in the image. You can edit this as you wish. However, be sure to include the variables ($REPORTNAME$ and $REPORTLINK$) in the message.
5 Send a message.


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