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Download invoicing information

1 Here you can see the number of invoices.
2 Select the format of the download here. You can download invoice information as a spreadsheet or as a transfer file format for different systems. Synchronization with a invoicing service is only available if the service is enabled for the selected format
3 From here you can choose some actions for the material. For example you can create invoice numbers.
4 From here you can choose the columns which are shown in the downloaded file. By default all the columns are selected.
5 Download material here.


Take these things into account

  • By default you are not able to send invoices from Eventilla. We only gather information. With integration, it is possible to expand this also so that invoices can be sent directly from Eventilla.
  • There is no need to ask for invoice information on the registration form, as the billing information form can be found in Eventilla and opens after the invoice is selected as the payment method.

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