Copying an event

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Copying an event is a great way to save time if you have already created a good event that can be used to create a new event.

You can think of a copied event as a pre-filled template for your new event. In practice, you keep the information you want and edit the information you want to change. Learn more about editing event information from here.

The copied event opens in Draft mode if you do not select to publish the event directly when copying the event.

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1. Select copy icon for the event you want to copy,
2. Select the date when the new event will take place. You can also select multiple days from the calendar, this will create a new event for each selected day.
3. If there is scheduled messages in the original event, such as reminders when the event starts, we recommend that you select them to include in the copy. This will also save your time.

Scheduled feedback surveys and anonymizations can also be copied.


We recommend that you select "Append "(copy)" to titles" for copying so that the new event can be easily distinguished from the original.


If "Use the same form template" is selected, the tickets in the new event will use literally the same form as the original event. We do not recommend using this setting if you want to edit the registration form of the tickets in a new event. Changes to the forms would also affect the original event form and the information collected there.

7. Press the Copy button to make the copy.

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