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From the Other options -tab you can change settings for event page url, visibility and layout.

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By default event page URL is http:// www.eventilla.com/event/xGIXa If you want to have a URL which is easier to write and remember, you can write a name that is more descriptive and easier to remember to the Address-field, for instance Event2017. The address of your event will now be http:// www.eventilla.com/event2017 The previous URL containing system generated hash (ie. xGIXa) also works in parallell. 


If you want you can either allow or disable search engine visibility. Please note that if your search engine indexing is disabled, the invited people must know the exact link to register for the event. This setting is used especially for instance in internal or invitation only events.
You can add password protection for your event page. From Password protection choose Yes and add appropriate password prompt and password, which registrants must use to log in to the event page.
Visible event page information that is shown by default can be changed by un-checking check boxes of unwanted fields.
You can also add buttons for social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter/X and LinkedIn)


From the Other options -tab also Event page header image and Organizer logo can be added.

To add an image click the empty Event logo or Organizer logo fields, choose or upload the image you want from the file manager and click Open.

The sizes of the images may vary based on the templates that is being used. Ask more from our support.

For the Organizer link, the full address is needed, for instance http://www.eventilla.com/ By doing this you can direct the users who click the logo to the desired web page such as your company's home page.


If you have chosen to show the attendee list and you collect social media information, then you can choose here which social media information you want to show.


At this stage Organizer contact information will be set. We warmly recommend that you disclose at least organizer email and phone number.


From the Event's payment methods you can choose which payment methods are available in the particular event. Online payment methods by Eventilla are available only in Finland. Outside Finland we can integrate your own payment gateway, for example PayPal.


At the end of registration a summary page will be shown and at the bottom of the page an Event page -button will be shown directing the visitor back to the event page. If you want to, you can edit the name of this button and also the address where the button is directed. For instance the training material of your training event etc. Add the Button text and target address. The address must be a complete URL such as http://www.eventilla.com.

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