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From the Communications tab you can edit the E-mail confirmation of the event.


Default sender of the e-mail confirmation is, however you can change the address if you want. After changing the address the meassage seems to be sent from the address you have set and the registrants can reply to the message. When using your own email address the passing of the message can be improved using DKIM/SPF authorization, which certifies that messages coming from Eventilla sever may come from your email address. Please contact our support for this.


From this section you can personalise the e-mail confirmation for your event. You can change the title and content of the confirmation e-mail. Instead of the three dots in the message, information on the other form fields is placed. We recommend that you modify the messages to fit just for your event. You can for instance give additional information of your event or add the schedule of the event. We warmly recommend that you also add here contact information of the event organizer.


You can use the variables below the content section in the title or content of the message by copying the variable (for instance. $EMAIL$) to the place you want to add it. Variables are provided either by the registrant or the system which are automatically filled in the message.


Attendee list option allows you to show registrant information on the event page. Permission to show the name of an individual attendee on the list is always asked during the registration.


You can choose to recieve a copy of every e-mail confirmation also to your own e-mail. This option sends a copy of each individual e-mail confirmation to your own address. We recommend also to see reports and sharing.


You can add Terms of Cancellation for your event. Terms of Cancellation will be shown at the bottom of the registration form. You can also set acceptance of terms as required. Read more about adding text, images and links from here.


You can define your own custom thank you note, which will be shown to the registrant after succesful registration in the summary page.

9 You can define the content of the message to be sent after cancellation of registrantion from here.
10 Edit your calendar message here. This message will appear in the calendar entry for the participant. You can also use same variables which are used in the confirmation email.

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