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The event page can be published immidiately after it has been named.

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The event page is published by clicking the Draft button in the top right corner of the form. Read more about event pages from here.


The button turns into a green Published button when the Draft has been published. The event page can be edited also after it has been published and a published event page can be changed back to a Draft.


From the top left corner of the Edit view you can follow the updating of your event page. The preview of the event page can be seen from the link. When the event is in a Draft state the preview of event page can only be seen by users who are signed in from your own organisation.


When the event is published you can all the time follor the updating of your event page from the top left corner of the view. Before sharing the link, please note that the name (url) of the event can be changed from the Other options -tab.


When you publish the event, the registeration begings immediately unless the tickets sales begin date has not been limited. If you want to stop the registration, you can do that any time by clicking the Stop registrations -button. Doing this makes the event page say that "Registration for this event is urrently stopped."

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