Own subdomain

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Own subdomain

By default events in Eventilla will be published at the address https://ssl.eventilla.com/event/xyz123 or https://ssl.eventilla.com/name-of-the-event 

Your events can be published also under the subdomain of your own www-address, such as: events.yourdomain.com/name-of-the-event  where the word "events" can be any word you like for instance courses, training etc. and the /name-of-the-event is set when you create your event.

For your subdomain to work your domain name server administrator (IT) has to do the following DNS update:

subdomain.yourdomain.com IN CNAME piletti.eventilla.com

(where the subdomain is the word of you choice such as "events")

Please inform us when the update is done, so that we know to make the changes needed in our server side. If necessary, any help can also be asked from our support.

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